Advanced Performance Glycolic Cleanser

Product Description

Our best selling super hero facial wash for men & women. A multi action deep pore cleanser that will leave skin feeling deeply cleansed and pore tight. Removes makeup and eye make up and acts as a cleanser and toner in one. While for men it improves shaving quality by softening facial hair to prevent ingrown hairs. With a low ph Glycolic action it works to exfoliate the skin by lifting away the dull, dry, dead cellular layer.

It energises cellular turnover making the skin look younger and can double as a great anti-aging body wash.

Non – irritating formula leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, supple and comfortable without leaving oily or dry residue. Use a small pea size, for best results mix with water and lather up, massage in to the face and neck paying particular attention to any problem areas-rinse well and for added benefits remove with face cloth or muslin.

Take a pea size and mix with water in palm of hands. Massage in to face and neck. Rinse well using sponges or muslin cloth. Removes make-up tones the skin, do not apply directly to eyes, however it will remove eye make effectively up in the over all wash.
- 3% Glycolic acid- This cleanser is super for all skin types - Glyco citrate- acts as a natural skin balancer, helping to even out skin discolouration - Cocamidopropyl Betaine- This coconut oil extract works as a natural, soap free, refreshing cleansing agent.
Skin is smoothed, pores are deep cleansed, dull skin cells are exfoliated. Products absorbed better in to the skin. Over all skin brightener. Lightens pigmentation. Soften and smoothes lines and wrinkles.