Active Complex Gel

Product Description

Apply this active complex gel serum at night for a visible difference to your skin. In just a few nights you will see softer, smoother more refined texture. A unique balance of soothing actives to refine texture, reduce lines, tighten pores and banish blemishes. It lightens the complexion so skin will radiate with good health.

The low ph glycolic gel is cleverly blended with hyalouronic acid to hold moisture in the skin up to 400 times its weight, calendula regenerates cellular function while arnica, aloe and lavender reduce inflammation. Great for both Men & Women. This new gel has proved to be a big hit in our clinic with clients coming back for more.


Very economical to use; just a half pump will treat entire face and neck (it is also effective on the décolleté). It may tingle for the first 10 minutes and we recommend that on your first application you leave it on for just four hours and then rinse off –this helps to introduce your skin to the active ingredients. Get even better results by combining it with ADVANCED PERFORMANCE GLYCOLIC CLEANSER If you are embarking on a course of in salon peels it is recommended to use this gel at night for 5 -7 night’s before your first peel. 60 ml
• Glycolic acid Works to exfoliate and energise cellular turnover making the skin look younger. It exfoliates by lifting away the dull, dry, dead cellular layer leaving the skin soft and smooth, tightens pores, cleans the follicle canal and instantly lightens pigmentation. • Hyaluronic acid: hold moisture in the skin up to 400 times its weight • Calendula, regenerates cellular function • Lavender • Arnica: reduces inflammation in the skin and balances the powerful effects of high quality glycolic. Aloe gel: anti-oxidant, cooling
Instant and over night firming, brightening serum. Skin is rejuvenated smooth with tighter pores and more youthful looking. Lightens pigmentation and stimulates collagen production.