Active Complex Solution

Product Description

Active Glycolic complex Solution is lightweight liquid serum, non drying with anti-bacterial action.

Immediately improves the texture and softness of the skin.

Significantly reduces oiliness, infection & open pores in acne and combination skin with breakouts.  NON-DRYING-mattifies the skin without drying.

Everyone can use on spots!

  • Anti-bacterial properties with all the actions of glycolic:
  • Improves texture by dissolving away dead cells on the surface and beneath the skins layers including the pores.
  • Lightens dark pigmentation patches, removes blemishes and ingrown hairs.
  • Energises cellular turnover
  • Incredible value long lasting solution

Helps reduce; Sun damage, Scarring,  Very Oily/ Problem prone skin, All types of acne except very dry acne-(best to use Active Complex gel for this), Open Pores, Folliculitis-on backs of arms and legs or anywhere on the body or face, beards etc; releases debris from pores and reduces inflammation and beats bacteria in the follicle.

How to use: Put a few drops into palm of hand and apply with fingertips to specif spots or all over face avoiding eyes. May tingle the skin initially, but this will resolve in a 10 minutes. Follow instructions carefully.
Glycolic Acid-5% Glyco-Citrates-combination of glycolic and citric acid Isopropyl Alcohol- natural plant oil alcohol -Helps fight oiliness and acts as an anti-bacterial, anti -microbial agent
Pores are tightened and clarified, Oiliness is reduced, skin is brighter, spots reduced and healed more quickly, skin cells renewed.