Active Complex Cream

Product Description

Creamy skin smoothing and rejuvenating night cream with glycolic acid and vitamin A and anti-oxidants.

Activates genes to repair  & protect. Highly active and effective.

Advanced rich creamy formula for skin repair and smoothing. A high content of glycolic, retinol & botanical extracts alter the skins function to deliver renewed texture. Apply to face & neck once or twice daily.


  • Very Active Cream which tingles on application. Suitable for night time use only.
  • Great for face neck & décolleté regeneration.
  • Suitable to prepare skin for Profound Peels
  • Anti-aging and skin lightening cream for normal , dry to very dry skin. 
  • Added anti-inflammatory ingredients to balance the formula and bring balance to the skin.
  • Goes beyond the remit of skin peel preparation –activates genes to repair  & protect
  • Vitamin A content for added skin smoothing!
Use for just 4 hours the first time to gradually introduce it to the skin. You may feel a tingling sensation, this is normal. Repeated use helps improve skin tone and texture.
Glycolic acid, Aloe Vera Gel, Safflower Oil, Glycerin Vitamin A retinol, Arnica Blossoms Extract- reduces inflammation , Calendula Blossoms Extract
Overnight skin luminosity. Lines are lessened, skin is bright, hydrated, moisturised, collagen boosted, repaired and rejuvenated.