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Irish Tatler March 2014

 The light fantastic  

The Redness Remover

“There are a number of reasons people get veins on the face,” explains Jenny Philpott, clinic supervisor at Anne McDevitt beauty salon in Dublin 2.  “Some are simply prone to high colour through heredity, then lifestyle and ageing eventually lead to the very fine vessels losing elasticity.  Others develop red veins directly through lifestyle such as cumulative over exposure to weather extremes, stress and stimulants such as alcohol and smoking.”  For those who do have broken thread veins, it can be a constant battle to conceal and hide them and, once they appear, they don’t go away by themselves.  But they can be treated with laser, or IPL therapy and Anne McDevitt’s Dublin practice is highly regarded as one of the top places to get this particular condition, as well as Irish skincare concern rosacea, seen to.  “We’ve been specialising in red vein treatments for many years, more then 25, and I can confidently say that we achieve excellent results,” says McDevitt. “We treat all over high facial colour or rosacea with Q Fractional IPL, this recent development in IPL treats the delicate skin effectively but more gently with less downtime. Some people may need just one treatment with laser for spider naevus (red veins)… in some cases we use diathermy, which cauterises the vessel.  It’s comforting to know we can choose the best technology for each individual and know we’ll get fantastic results.”



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Situated right in the city centre, this pioneering salon was one of the first in Ireland to introduce the CACI facial.  Now celebrating its 30th year in business, it is leading the way in express CACI treatments, using the machine which sends small electrical impulses on targeted areas of the face for an instant lift.

Over the recommended six to ten treatments, you’ll notice a significant change even after one (we opted to focus on the jowl and eye areas) there was a noticeable lift.  Totally pain free, the half hour treatment uses a low level electrical current and new technology incorporating LED lights to reduce wrinkles and firm the facial muscles.

We were warned that the electric currents could be slightly uncomfortable but apart from the strange metallic taste (set off by our fillings, eek!), we didn’t experience any discomfort and actually found we were drifting off quite nicely.

A great location for anyone who is thinking of trying the CACI out and is one of the original and best skincare specialists in town, Anne McDevitt’s stellar reputation and dedication to service will see us return again and again.

CACI with LED facial (express) (€65/25 mins) at Anne McDevitt, 13 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. 

Tel :01 6777962; 


A Clear System.

One brave member of the easy health team tries out a colonic irrigation treatment.

Christmas is generally about excess and even the most disciplined of us can’t resist an extra mince pie or drink at the Christmas party.  It was with this in mind that I headed off to Anne McDevitt’s clinic in Dublin to embark on “project pretox”.  As consulting naturopath Stephen Langley says “doing pretox is like putting money in the bank” -  it creates reserves that your body can draw on when it is depleted.

Ann McDevitt’s clinic provides laser, advanced skincare and holistic treatments and has been doing so since 1983.  It has an unrivalled reputation and the feeling that you get when you walk in is of an efficient lab type operation.  No fluffy beauty – just dedicated professionals who care about the business of being healthy and helping clients look their best.


My visit started with a consultation with naturopath Stephen, who took a thorough history of my physical state covering everything from mood to diet and sleep.  He then studied my irises, which is the colourful part of the eye that surrounds the pupil.  By analysing the iris, practitioners can assess a person’s level of health and specific area of nutritional deficiency can be identified.

Adrenal Damage.

This allows appropriate remedies to be recommended. Stephen identified some adrenal damage, which is generally a result of too much stress.  He explained that our adrenal glands – which monitor stress response – become overworked and eventually exhausted from constant stress.  You can then develop adrenal fatigue, which includes many symptoms including weight gain and mood swings.  So it’s really important to learn to manage stress and support your body through good food, exercise and sleep.

Blood Analysis.

Next stop was my blood.  I’d heard about Blood Type Diet but never paid much attention, thinking it was another fad diet. Stephen explained that your blood is your genetic blueprint and that your blood type determines how well your body is able to assimilate different foods.  Because we don’t take our blood types into account when we eat, we often eat foods that don’t serve us and our bodies struggle to cope with – making us overweight and unwell. Stephen believes that any assessment of a person’s overall health should start with blood type, because it tells you a lot about a person.

Bespoke Treatment.

From a naturopathic point of view, the problem with mainstream medicine is that it takes a “one shoe fits all” approach.  Naturopaths believe that you should treat the person not the illness and this sums up the approach that the fantastic professionals at Anne McDevitt take.

Once I was thoroughly assessed, an eating plan was devised and it was recommended that I undergo a series of three colonics over a period of seven days. Mmmm?  I’d read up about this therapy and the world seemed to be clearly divided into two camps 1.) “Oh my God; it makes you feel amazing” and 2.) “Never in a million years”. I had fallen into the latter, but had become sufficiently curious to give it a go.  Plus I wanted to give my body a complete “reboot” and from talking to Stephen, this seemed like a good way to do it.

The Colonic

So, having delayed it for as long as possible, I was introduced to Sigita the colon hydrotherapist.  A picture of health and vitality, the lovely Sigita talked me through what was about to happen.

The equipment used is state-of-the-art and Sigita was meticulous about preserving my modesty and making me feel comfortable.  Of course, you feel a little awkward at first, but in no time Sigita had me chatting away as if this were the most normal thing in the world.

And that’s the whole point of colonic irrigation.  If the body were truly in balance, elimination would take place after every meal. But because we all suffer with “hurry sickness” and have less than ideal eating habits it doesn’t work like this.  When the elimination process slows down for any reason toxins are reabsorbed into the body, so most people leading a typical western lifestyle need a helping hand from time to time.

The Results.

I felt completely exhausted after my first session, which Sigita had warned me about. I went home and straight to bed but had a restless night (which probably had more to do with my four year old). The second session felt much more natural and I left feeling 10kgs lighter and bursting with energy.  By my third session I could see a visible difference in my skin and eyes (both clearer and brighter) plus my tummy was completely flat – the first time in a very long time! Two weeks on, I feel much more energetic and am trying to follow all Stephen and Sigita’s good advice.  So far, so good.  My metaphorical health bank is cashed up and I’m ready to take on the party season!

Note: Naturopath Stephen Langley is only available to clients who are having colonics or other treatments in the clinic. Clients will only be referred to Stephen internally in the clinic.


More info:

Tel: 01 6777962

SUMMER 2012 IRISH TATLER MAN; Our Super Hero does it for men…

On Botox Injections @ Anne McDevitt

WHAT IS IT? Botulinum toxin (aka Botox) injections are a preventative treatment to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead between the brows and around the eye.  When you smile or frown, this is a result of a nerve signal from your brain to your muscles causing them to move.  Botulinum toxin is a purified protein that blocks this signal from the brain to the nerve endings.

WHAT IT INVOLVES: Following a consultation with visiting specialist Dr Roberto Viel, injections are given to selected areas of the forehead to temporarily put the muscles to sleep for a period of three to six months, although the results last linger with repeated treatments.  The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and involves no “down time” whatsoever.  This freezing of the muscle is always temporary and can never be permanent.  The aim is to break the habit of frowning and educate the patient in his or her facial movement so that one “forgets” how to frown.  Usually patients have several of these injections over a year or two until the habit of frowning is broken.

PLEASURE/PAIN FACTOR: Pain is surprisingly minimal; the injections are mildly uncomfortable at worst.  Some patient’s may experience some tiny red marks at the points of insertion, which may last a few hours but are barely noticeable.

HOW EFFECTIVE IS IT? The effects of Botox gradually takes hold over a week to ten days.  Results are dependent on the amount of Botox administered and the patient’s particular requirements.  In this case, a more “relaxed” forehead and the reduced appearance of fine lines was the impressive result, helping create a “fresh” and rejuvenated appearance.

PRICE €330 for one area, €499 for two areas 13Wicklow StreetDublin2  Tel 01 6777962,


(Our Super Hero does it again!)

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Roberto Veil says the MACS (Minimal Access Facial Suspension) will be big in 2012. Designed to lift the lower two thirds of the face with minimal inconvenience this type of face lift can be performed with local anesthetic under light sedation. Your own blood platelets are mixed with thrombin, a blood componant, to form a natural gel referred to as the Chicago facelift. Placing the gel on to the wound before closure enables them to clot. There is less risk of bleeding or haematoma while ensuring better healing and faster recovery. The Advanced MACS will become widespread in Ireland this year. It is currently available from select clinics. 





From organic facials to face plumping the IMAGE team has tracked down the treatments that deliver.



THE LOWDOWN: I can count congestion, sensitivity and oily breakouts among my usual skin woes, but with pregnancy 6 months behind me and a stint of breastfeeding too, my skin looked as tired as I felt.  Hardly a yummy mummy, I looked more like a slummy mummy (a far cry from Eminence fan Jessica Biel). WHAT Enter Eminence handmade Organic skincare of Hungary.  Now, even I (a self confessed organic junkie) didn’t think an organic brand would reverse the damage, but I’ve become increasingly despondent about the countless potentially irritating synthetic components in so much skincare.  Eminence is free of nasties like petroleum and sodium lauryl sulphate, it’s hand made so no hydrogenating processes that can affect the potency of natural ingredients, and it pulps and peels in part regenerative and healing powers, plus it also has over forty years of research behind it. THE RITUAL it was love at first smell.  This stuff is so natural, you can see and smell the fresh fruit pulps, and the herbs ooze deliciousness.  I was cleansed, toned, masked, massaged, extracted and serumed into submission with active ingredients chosen to address my specific problems.  VERDICT words like “active” and “natural”, even “organic” are bandied about willy-nilly in a skincare industry, but very few actually deserve the title. Eminence is an exception.  The results were dramatic, instant and I loved every last bit of it.  Every adjective in the beauty book can be applied: it enriched, firmed, healed, repaired, purified, soothed, detoxed and toned my skin.  Because all the products are super/ concentrated, the full Eminence regime I am now enjoying at home looks like like it has barely been used, two months on.  It’s no wonder Anne Mc Devitt searched the globe for over ten years to unearth the best organic brand that works BOTTOM LINE signature facial, €100 at Anne Mc Devitt, 13 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, 01 6777962; SO’B     


Our very own facial enhancement super hero; Dr Roberto Veil is also a renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr Veil appeared in this article in Novembers Cosmo, We thought you or your Man might be interested………he is available for private consultations on 17th November 2011

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Health and beauty journalist Amy Ellingham lifts the lid on colonic cleanliness

You probably haven’t given much thought to the state of your digestion and your bowel habits. Has the cleanliness of your colon ever kept you awake at night? Didn’t think so.

Perhaps it’s about time we did spare a thought for the poor colon, the rubbish dump of the body. Forced to process the excess wheat, yeast, sugar, carbohydrates, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol and so on that westerners consume, it’s little wonder that the colon rarely functions as well as it could.

Yet its condition is central to the health and wellbeing of the whole body. And this doesn’t just apply to the after-effects of bingeing on the wrong foods and drinks. Environment and emotions are also inextricably linked to the colon.

Most us are constipated, our colons blocked with stagnant waste matter, causing toxicity in the body. The result is problems from severe migraines to excess weight and depression. Colon cancer is even thought to be related to an unhealthy colon.

Colonics has long been used in alternative health circles to cleanse the colon and alleviate these ailments.

However, because of the treatment’s invasive nature – it involves irrigating the back passage with water through a tube – many believe it to be entirely unnecessary, and, moreover, counterproductive, causing the loss of the ‘good bacteria’ lining the colon, and inducing haemorrhoids and lazy bowel habits.

In fact, colonics has often been viewed as a laughable fad reserved only for uptight fruitcakes like Princess Diana, who was reported to have had the treatment regularly. It’s all a bit Freudian, that search for the immaculate anus.

But Channel 4′s enlightening TV programme You Are What You Eat, on which the treatment is shown in gruesome detail, has gone a long way to dispel myths, ease doubts and rouse curiosity.

Anne McDevitt’s salon on Wicklow Street in Dublin pioneered the treatment in Ireland. Anne’s background as an alternative health practitioner, herbalist and naturopath makes her an authority on the subject of cleansing and colonics.

“Most of our ailments are caused by toxicity building up in the body,” Anne says. “We do not eliminate at the rate we take in food. We should eliminate every day; if we don’t, this causes toxicity, overloading the liver.

“Liver overload gives you anger, frustration, irritability and premenstrual tension. If we go through the process of cleansing someone, they can go from being constipated to going every day. That’s a miracle in itself.”

The colon is an organ of emotions, Anne explains. It’s filled with reflex points, and, particularly for women, it’s an instrument of holding on to emotions, so cleansing can really help. ” “This treatment offers huge relief – you’re literally taking a load off.”

Anne claims to be able to identify through the stools if the liver is fatty, if someone is eating and chewing properly, what is being digested and how. ”

On arriving at Anne’s salon for my colonics appointment, I’m first asked to fill in detailed forms about my general health and wellbeing. This helps Anne during the consultation stage, where she examines my eyes and my tongue, as well as reading my pulse, to ascertain the condition of my colon.

It’s important that practitioners recognise that there are some people who will be unsuitable for the treatment, both physically and mentally, she says.

Once the consultation is complete, I’m ushered into a reassuringly close bathroom and instructed to put on a towelling robe and paper pants.

The most cringeworthy part of the treatment is having the speculum – the plastic nozzle that allows the water tube in and the waste tube out – inserted into the anus. “I do this all the time, so it’s just not a problem for me to work with colons and poo and whatever else,” says Anne. When the speculum is in place warm water is gradually released into the colon. For me, the build-up of pressure induces mild cramps similar to those experienced before a bout of diarrhoea.

I’m asked to roll onto my back so Anne can knead my belly. I’m overcome by an irritating fear that the tubes will come out, spilling all manner of horrors onto the floor.

“Colon therapists often have to coax their client through the anxiety,” explains Anne. “It can be the third treatment before we start to move anything real, because, of anxiety. I remember my first treatment – I was terrified!”

Although some matter begins whizzing out through the tube, my bowels only really relent once I’m in the toilet. I have to admit that witnessing the result of my clean colon is mentally as well as physically satisfying.

After the treatment, I’m tired, and sleep soundly that night. In the morning I feel very well, with a sense of inner and outer calm. By far the most positive outcome of my colonics experience is that I resolve not to take my colon for granted, and to take better care of it in future.

Anne McDevitt 01-6777962 or visit A colonics session costs from ?110 (an introductory offer) and a course of three is recommended.